Who else wants Earth Day to last just one day?

Posted on: April 22nd, 2012

Today, Sunday April 22, 2012 is Earth Day. That means we’re all concerned about our Earth future. However it doesn’t mean we as individuals, shouldn’t be concerned about it every day of our life, doesn’t it? Actually it’s only if we start on an individual level, that we’ll be able (as a global community) to have an impact on an individual basis as well as globally.

So and on this very topic, we fully support this “Take it up for Earth Day” initiative as it (hopefully) could have a sustainable impact not only on our planet but on our daily lives too by simply starting to take up a new habit!


So, if you feel concerned, intrigued, or compelled check this initiative out here, and moreover pledge but get started for a better personal life here.

Now we’ll make sure Earth Day doesn’t last one day a year!

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