Travel Alberta just launched a campaign “Bring your boots to Alberta”!

Posted on: April 11th, 2010

Media release excerpt:

…”Travel Alberta has launched a new marketing campaign aimed at long-haul travellers in key North American markets, inviting them to bring their boots and experience everything Alberta has to offer. “Bring Your Boots” taps directly into what travellers love most about a vacation in Alberta – the chance to get out and do different things.”…

To wrap up their campaign, get a look at the ad they’ll be running in major US and Canadian newspapers:


Doesn’t it look familiar to you?

Just take a look at the 2010 Experience The Mountain Parks cover page:


For the record, the image we’re using for our 2010 cover has been submitted by Barry and Adèle Philippson, from Ottawa, on December 6, 2009!! This image was awarded an honourable mention in our 2009 Photo Contest (see our January 13, 2010 post).

We let you judge.

How “visionary” were we when we picked up this photo for our next cover?

Furthermore, what do you think of the “experience” we brought you and you’ve known now for years?

By the way our 2010 edition of Experience The Mountain Parks will hit the newsstands on May the 20th. Watch for our insert in the Globe and Mail!


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