Our Trivia Quiz #4

Posted on: September 7th, 2012

The author Graeme Pole is generously offering a fourth set of 3 companion guides.

Congratulations to the winner, to be announced shortly!


For the record, the three questions asked were:

1. The highest waterfall in the Canadian Rockies is:
– Takakkaw Falls
– Helmet Falls
– Bow Falls
– Wapta Falls
The correct answer is “Takakkaw Falls”.

2. Which Rocky Mountain mammal is nicknamed, the ‘whistle pig’?
– Woodchuck
– Pika
– Hoary marmot
– Peccary
The correct answer is “Hoary marmot”.

3. Which life zone has the most tree species in the Rockies?
– Montane
– Lower sub-alpine
– Upper sub-alpine
– Aspen parkland
The correct answer is “Montane”.

There are more chances to win a set of these guides. Make sure to check our Trivia Quiz #5, running from September 7 to October 7 inclusive. Sorry, only one answer per person will be accepted. If your entered answers were right, your name will be entered in our random draw and you could win the set.

Good luck!

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