One of the photos submissions will make the 2010 cover!

Posted on: December 18th, 2009

We’re pleased to unveil that one of your submissions will make the 2010 cover of Experience The Mountain Parks, your printed guide!

So let’s discover which submission it was;
This photo has been taken at Lake O’Hara back in September 2008.
Barry Philippson, of Ottawa, submitted this photo; read what he’s saying about it:

“We have visited the Rockies many times and our highlight of our trips is always the Lake O’Hara region.  It was a beautiful early fall day – not a cloud in the sky and the larches were golden. It was nearing the end of the day and we were rushing back to the Visitor Hut to catch our bus back to the parking lot.  We just had to stop before our descent back to the hut. We just soaked it in and stayed as long as we could.  We did – we had to almost run back so we could not miss our bus. It was the best day ever!”

Simple, but how great their mountain experience has been! They’ll certainly will have life-long memories. This is why we thought we ought to pick this one for our next cover. This is the perfect illustration of what we think; a memorable mountain experience!

Congratulations Barry!

With no further ado I’ll let you now take a peek at the photo he submitted.


By the way, it doesn’t mean this photo will be the 2009 Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner.
We’ll have to wait more for the jury of professionals to go through all of your submissions.
We just wanted to share this with you.

Please keep in mind -this year- we had lots of great submissions, we’re sure it will be tough for our jury to pick the best and as we’re going further and further there will be many more opportunities to expose your talents!
Don’t forget you can submit your photos, videos, and stories. Give and share your “insider stories.” By sharing you’ll also learn from others.

Last words;
A few more weeks to wait and we’ll know who’s the 2009 Grand Prize Winner…Stay tuned!

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