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Posted on: November 5th, 2012

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum unleashed its crowd funding campaign on October 12th.

The County of Grande Prairie #1 agreed to consider matching all donations up to a total of $ 1,000,000!!
And YOU can make a difference.

Don’t know about the Currie Museum? Here you go:

How is crowd funding for the museum working?
Here’s the answer from Erika Sherk, Communications and Marketing Manager, Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative:

“The website lets us post a profile of our campaign, explaining what the project is all about and why people might be interested in contributing.

It explains the positive impacts the museum will make as well as all the ongoing benefits of the work the Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative is doing.

If people are interested, the website is all set up for easy contributing using Paypal or online credit card payments. It’s the same idea as online shopping. You just enter your information, choose the amount you’d like to give and you’re done.
Contributions can be as much or as little as a person wishes. One neat feature: a system of ‘perks’ is built in so that people receive recognition gifts to thank them for their support. Perks change according to the donation. For our campaign, for example, a $10 contribution gets you one of our very cool Troodon lapel pins. Donate $1,000 and you get ‘A Moment in Time,’ a book by Dr. Phil Currie, signed by both Dr. Currie and the book’s illustrator, palaeo-artist Jan Sovak, among other goodies including a museum golf shirt and tax receipt. Give $25,000 or more to the project and you have the opportunity to attach your name to your chosen part of the facility, in accordance with our naming sponsorship program.

The key to this campaign is making sure everyone knows about it. This is where all of you come in. We’ll be putting the link on everything we have – Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Please take it and spread it as far and wide as possible. They key to crowd funding is finding the crowd.

Even if people are only able to contribute $5, that can still make an incredible difference if the numbers are big enough.

Put it on your social media, send it to absolutely everyone you know. That would be a massive help. We’ll be making hand-outs and posters as well so give us a shout if you’d like to distribute some for us.”

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