Are you ready to “skolf” this year?

Posted on: January 10th, 2011

January is all about predictions, so we’re taking this opportunity to show you an unusual one. What sort of predictions were around almost 50 years ago?
Some were thinking this new hybrid sport, the “skolf” would take off…
This short video, filmed on April 1964 by French cinematographers, probably to be shown during the news in theatres, right before the film feature, caught our attention!

Translated transcript:
“It’s all the rage on the ski slopes of Banff National Park, in Canada. A pair of skis, a golf club, a ball, and a 9-hole course. Here is the skolf, the ski-golf. You’ll need to be skilled in both sports, and not to be scared of sounding ridiculous. To say the most, rules of this hybrid “art” seem quite open. There are so many other odd, but hybrid combinations in sports; when will we see the rugby-kayaking, or the Breton wrestling-biking?”
We think this short video was filmed at Sunshine Village, but it could have been at Lake Louise. We don’t think it was shot at Mount Norquay though, by looking at the scenery.
You know more about it? Or simply want to comment? Don’t hesitate to share your best videos here!!

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