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Posted on: December 12th, 2009

We are sure by now you’ve seen the advertisements running on the right side of this website.
We carefully hand-picked through reputable affiliation agencies some relevant companies and not-for-profit organizations we felt would suit this website and our vision.
However we’re looking for your feedback as we’ll expand this website and its content through your vision too. So don’t hesitate to drop us a few lines through our contact form.
As well we firmly want to open doors to local businesses and local non-profit organizations as we feel it’s important to you and to the local communities we strongly support. We’re actually in discussion with some “Friends of…” organizations to better serve their pursuits through partnership. Our goal is to shape this website as your one-stop before, during and after your outing.

So if you’re interested in our support -as an individual, business, organization, etc.- we strongly recommend you to get in touch with us as we have the technical abilities to shape something for you, to help you out.
This website is yours, we’re giving you here some empowerment to make it work for you.
Pretty soon and by popular demand we’ll be launching our own full shopping experience. So stay tuned as we’re going through the final technicalities.

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