20 Dumb Questions

Posted on: October 31st, 2009

I just came across an article in the Calgary Herald referring to the “unusual” questions people are asking when coming to the mountains.
This list has been compiled by Stu Back of the Banff Lake Louise Tourism Bureau. So here is an excerpt of this article with just the questions asked, have fun!

  1. Are the animals with collars tame? (These animals have been fitted with tagged collars because they have had incidents with people. It is important to stay a safe distance away from wildlife.)
  2. We are going into British Columbia. Do we need to change our money into Euros?
  3. Can we drive our car onto a glacier anywhere? (Not to our knowledge, but you might enjoy a trip on the Ice Explorer across the Columbia Icefields.)
  4. Do we need snow tires or chains to drive to Lake Louise in July?
  5. Where are the igloos and the Eskimos?
  6. If the Columbia Icefield melts before we get there, can we do a different excursion?
  7. Can you see polar bears at the Columbia Icefield?
  8. Can I walk around P.E.I. in a day?
  9. Can I get from Vancouver to Toronto by driving in a day?
  10. At what elevation do the deer turn to elk?
  11. How much does that mountain weigh?
  12. Is this all natural?
  13. While working at the (Banff) Gondola on a rainy day I was asked to turn the fog off at the top so they could see.
  14. While working at the Gondola, I got asked when we release the animals so they can start feeding them. I had to remind them that this wasn’t a petting zoo, the animals are wild and come out when they please — and please don’t feed them.
  15. Where’s that place where I can see the bear in the cage? Can I get a photo with him?
  16. If I see a bear when I’m hiking, can I just keep walking past it?
  17. Can you guarantee wildlife sightings?
  18. Where is the rocky mountain?
  19. What’s the best trail to take a bike on to see a cougar?
  20. Where are the animals kept at night?

Bonus Question: Where can I find a wife?

Have you got one you’d like to share? Please send it to us.

What would your answer be to educate these visitors? We take our knowledge for granted, don’t we?

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