(Wild)Life in Banff, Jasper, Waterton or any other Canadian Rockies town

Posted on: July 26th, 2012

We, at Experience The Mountain Parks, thought it would be worth showing you this video as a reminder. You might think: “Hold on a sec, I wouldn’t do this!”. Fair enough, but some of you might have seen it done, or might see it done though, and this video wasn’t staged, it’s real life!

Please, don’t try to get too close to wildlife hoping to send us your best wildlife shot for our annual photo contest!

A BBC video shot over the summer in the town of Estes, Colorado, U.S.A., is showing  rutting male elk, so fired up they invade the streets and charge at the tourists.

Remember, this “wildlife/humans issue” is easily transferable in the Canadian Rockies, in towns like Banff, Jasper or Waterton, just to name a few.

Please act safely, animals in National Parks are wild, and you should treat wildlife with respect for their and your own safety. Please keep the wildlife wild!

Check this reminder from Banff National Park staff about Elk/Human safety.

On the same topic, one of our contributors Michael Kerr wrote for us some time ago two stories on wild animals:
Minding your Manners and
Lifestyles of the Wild and Famous.

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