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Posted on: June 18th, 2014

A campfire is all you need to complete a perfect night outdoors – and it’s easy to make one with Campfire In a Can. You can be one of the first to own a Campfire In a Can when you participate in the kickstarter funding project.

Campfire in a Can3

Campfire In a Can enables you to build, efficiently fuel, and easily extinguish a campfire anywhere you go. With Campfire In a Can, you won’t hesitate to build a campfire anymore because of the hassle involved. Campfire In a Can also gives you the options of using wood, charcoal, or fire wood for fuel. You can do anything from singing around the campfire to grilling hotdogs with this portable campfire. And you can use it anywhere from your backyard to the middle of the wilderness.

The fuel burns in an upright position. Campfire In a Can produces an efficient burn because close together. The holes in the sides of the burner allow heat to radiate and also suck fresh air in, which enhances combustion. The raised stand is compliant with the “raised fire pits only” rule that some parks and camps have, and it also elevates heat.

Campfire in a Can1

The deluxe model includes a burner, a stand, four burner inserts for different types of fuel, a cooking grill, campfire tongs, two telescopic hotdog forks, and four shish kabob skewers. See the photo below for all the components.

Campfire in a Can deluxe model

This amazing product will only be produced for the public with sufficient funding. There are 43 days left to participate in the kickstarter campaign. You can choose to pledge enough money for a basic model or one with all the bells and whistles. Learn more and contribute here.

Campfire in a Can2

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