New EMT Novel Set in the Canadian Rockies

Posted on: October 19th, 2016

If you want to curl up with an exciting novel or are looking for a gift to give, then look no farther than Greame Pole’s book Siren Call. This book chronicles a fictitious emergency medical team in Banff National Park. If you’ve read our Experience the Mountain Parks guides, then you may already be familiar with Graeme. He is one of our regular contributors and the sponsor of our Railroad Trivia Contest.

The following note of praise below is a great summary of the effect this book will have on you:

“Through reading Siren Call, I have a deepened appreciation and respect for EMTs and paramedics, and profoundly so – I won’t see an ambulance now without hearkening back to this book. Graeme Pole has written a compelling story, as intimate and raw and vigorous as the working life of a rural paramedic.” – Fabienne Calvert Filteau, author of Second Growth

You can currently purchase the story in an ebook format here, and a print edition will also be available in early November.


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