Joseph Cross painting “Mt. Assiniboine Reflection” receives international recognition

Posted on: May 26th, 2011

Cranbrook artist, Joseph Cross, received some good news regarding his second painting in the series on Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. “Mt. Assiniboine Reflection” was submitted to International Artist Magazine Challenge #63  “Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes” competition.  He received an e-mail from the publisher of the magazine saying “Congratulations!”  The magazine issue #79 June/July features this painting and a write-up on Joseph.


International Artist magazine is the premier magazine for artists, galleries and agents around the world. Joseph has been featured in International Artist magazine several times:

– April 2001 “Treasures at Turquoise Bay” placed 2nd in their seascape competition;
– April/May 2002 as one of four artists in “Master Painters of the World: Canada Showcase”;
– 2002 Pastel Artist International Magazine issue #13 featured a seven-page article on his work; and
– April/May 2005 issue of International Artist Magazine featured an eight-page article on Joseph’s work.

As Joseph had not submitted for a competition in this magazine for several years, it was a tremendous surprise to have his work, and especially this painting, receive such international recognition.

This award has sparked a lot of interest in the limited edition giclees that are available for sale in support of BC Parks through the Park Enhancement Fund. Each sale of the limited edition giclees helps to support this cause. The giclées are available for purchase at the following locations:
– Joseph Cross Art Studio, Cranbrook, BC – 250-489-4412, e-mail, or website
Fisher Peak Art Gallery, Cranbrook, BC – 250-489-4702
Village Arts Artisan Co-op, Invermere, BC – 250-342-615

BC Parks is a proud partner on this very worthwhile fundraising initiative and is working with the Crosses to share information about and promote this project, and to announce the completion of each painting.  The information is posted on the BC Parks website.

This painting is representative of the view from Sunburst cabin window.  Many times we would look out the window and say “pinch me – I think I’m dreaming”.  The view from the cabin with Mt. Assiniboine reflecting in the clear waters of Sunburst Lake makes it doubly beautiful.” says Cross.

From Sharon’s Journal:  “Sitting on the porch of Sunburst cabin is a peaceful retreat. Silence is broken by the laps of water on the beach and the occasional interruption of pine siskins, chickadees, or gray jays. There is a slight breeze this morning and I can hear it rushing along the tree tops. The sound collecting in a soft whir that extends for miles. No longer the deafening silence, but an awakening of spirit.”

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