GPS Audio Guides in the Mountain Parks

Posted on: July 29th, 2016

“How do we get the GPS audio guide when visiting the Mountain Parks?” That’s a question our publisher recently received. Here is the answer he provided:

Over the years, two audio guides using GPS technology have been available in the national parks.  CMI Publishing does not yet offer this service, but we do create a mobile-friendly version of all of our guides. For that story and links, go here:

We have written stories about GPS audio guides in past issues, such as here: This story contains a couple of links.

GyPSy Canada offers a similar service which they advertised with us a few years ago. Here is a link to their web site:

We also ran a short story about an Augmented Reality App that you can find here:

We hope that helps any other of other readers who may have been wondering about the GPS audio guides. And if you’ve never heard of the GPS audio guides before, we hope this article inspires you to visit the parks and learn new things! Our guide Experience the Mountain Parks can also also be a great tool for making the most of your visits to the parks.

Highwood Pass resize

“One Nice Drive” – 2015-216 Experience the Mountain Parks Photo Contest entry by Leighton Lum


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