Congrats to the November/December Trivia Quiz Winner

Posted on: January 11th, 2017

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our November/December Trivia Quiz: Cindy Burkholder. She correctly answered the following multiple choice question:

What three natural hazards plague the railway grade east of Field?

  • snow avalanches, moose, earthquakes
  • ice avalanches, snow avalanches, debris flows
  • snow avalanches, nitroglycerine, debris flows

The correct answer is ice avalanches, snow avalanches, debris flows.

Everyone who correctly answers each trivia contest is entered in a random draw to win a copy of Graeme Pole’s book The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill. It’s a fascinating way to learn the history of Canada’s railroads, particularly about the second-steepest mainline railway track ever operated in North America.

Thank you to everyone who participated. All of the contestants submitted the correct answer for the November/December Trivia Quiz!

We now have a new multiple choice question on our site for January’s quiz. Click here to view it and to enter the quiz!

November/December Trivia Quiz

Switch man at the #1 safety switch, late 1880s


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