And the two winners of our Trivia Quiz #6 are….

Posted on: February 11th, 2013

Denise Kitagawa, from Calgary, Alberta and Shelly Stetsko, from Castlegar, British Columbia.

They got all answers right and their names were randomly drawn. Congratulations Denise and Shelly!

The author Graeme Pole is generously offering two sets of his 3 companion guides.


For the record, the three questions asked were:

1. The largest thrust sheet in the Canadian Rockies is the:
– Pipestone Pass Thrust
– McConnell Thrust
– Cave and Basin Thrust
– Lewis Thrust
The correct answer is “Lewis Thrust”.

2. Sunwapta Pass separates these two river systems:
– Bow-Athabasca
– Sunwapta-Red Deer
– Athabasca-North Saskatchewan
– Bow-North Saskatchewan
The correct answer is “Athabasca-North Saskatchewan”.

3. The only aquatic songbird species in North America is the:
– Dipper
– Common merganser
– Varying warbleo
– Varied thrush
The correct answer is “Dipper”.

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