2010 Photo/Video Contest Early Bird, all submissions are in!

Posted on: August 2nd, 2010

Thank you for your awesome participation but moreover for your patience!

So unless there have been a few submissions “falling through the cracks”, I mean submitted directly to The Camera Store or by mail to CMI Publishing, our early bird count stopped at 621 612 photos, and 4 videos submitted, yes I said 621 612!
(Honestly we’re still sorting out some submissions that couldn’t get through the last three days. So the final count should be around this announced number.)
As a matter of comparison there were (only) 115 submissions in all of 2009. Almost a five-fold in a matter of a few weeks!

That means a few things to us;

You are more and more to come to this website, come back on a regular basis, so like it. So please before going, leave us a comment. This is your website, help us make it better.

From all over the world, you came to visit us as you trust this website, and you like it. Furthermore, we’ve seen an amount of professional work mixed with family photos submitted to Experience The Mountain Parks second-to-none. Interestingly enough it means we attract professional photographers or not alike!

Your participation to this contest went mainly through our website. As we didn’t expect such a participation, some of you had difficulties submitting their artwork. Our server went over capacity a few times and we apologize for the inconvenience it caused to some. As an aside we’ll publish the contestants full list pretty soon.

So you might wonder, with such an amount of contestants, what are my chances of winning?

Well this contest is far from being over; there will be more monthly opportunities to win amazing prizes. Don’t forget your submissions up to March 2011 will be entered for the gold, silver, and bronze packages.

But this isn’t what’s important to us and we hope for you too. What we like the most (like you) is to see your stories and experiences shared here.
So, you’d like to go further on, but where to go from there?
Let us know, share your experiences, stories, through your photos, videos, drawings, or send us your written stories. We’ll publish them. We’d love this, and we’re sure you’d like to read the stories from others.

Some of you might wonder as well where is this (feature) or that? We promised a lot, and trust us, we’ll deliver!
It says in the Wisdom of Confucius:
It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.”

Last but not least, some of you still didn’t provide any captions for their photos. You need to provide them to be considered for the contest!!

Good luck all!

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